Midwest Soundclash

Midwest Soundclash is something I’ve been really looking forward to since I first heard about it and now, I finally had the chance to listen to it. Hands down, it is a great split between 2 great midwest band, Green Room Rockers and The Pinstripes. Each band has 3 songs and the entire album runs about 25 minutes.

You can get the split in either a blue or clear vinyl and in 1 of 2 different  hand-screened jackets of original artwork by the Pinstrips’ Matt Kursmark (Both shown below). Released on Dashiki Clout Records, the label run by Mustard Plug front man Dave Kirchgessner, Midwest Soundclash also commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Specials/Selector 7″ split.

Starting off the fun is Green Room Rockers with “Revival”, one of my favorite songs by them. It starts with a pretty groovin’ beat with some solid organ sounds and a great walking bass line. Following up is a little more laid back tune, “Irony”, which keeps things going at a pretty good pace. Then finishing out the Green Room Rockers half is “Stay With Him”, another great tune with brings back a similar feel to “Revival”.

The second half starts off with The Pinstripes “Come On In”, which starts with a little quicker beat but brings the same similar feel we’ve had going so far. Next up is “Cool Whip/Hot Sauce” which is more of an instrumental groove. There are a few points where “Cool Whip” and “Hot Sauce” are said but otherwise it’s pure, laid back, instrumental groove time. Closing out the Pinstripes side is “Rest My Head” which comes in pretty strong with some solid upbeat organ sounds followed by the tight horn line.

Overall, Midwest Soundclash, has a great feel to it. I don’t think we could really do any type of fair comparison between the two bands because they both sound great. Both bands have similar sounds and really bring out that ska/soul/reggae feel we love to hear.

You can pick up the split digitally at Amazon.com or you can purchase the actual vinyl which comes with one code for a free digital download. If you’re still unsure about it watch this video preview, then go buy it.

Album Art / Track List

Midwest Soundclash1 Green Room Rockers1. Revival
2. Irony
3. Stay With Him
Midwest Soundclash2 The Pinstripes1. Come On In
2. Cool Whip
3. Rest My Head
Released is on Dashiki Clout Records,
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